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Folded Paper Art by: Bashir Sultani

Iggy Azalea for Revolve (2014)



My AP euro teacher wouldn’t let our class watch Les Mis so we barricaded the door and screamed “VIVE LA REVOLUCIÓN” when he tried to get in.

that is the face of a man who is 24601% done

A Day to Remember - The Downfall of Us All 

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this is the #1 score on the leaderboards for flappy bird android and let me tell you why this is bullshit.
assuming that the pipes cross the screen at a rate of 2 every second (it’s probably slower than this; this is an estimation), this asshole would have had to play the game for 1,562,405,107,570 seconds. let me clarify: he played for one and a half trillion seconds.
this would give us about 26,040,085,126 (over 26 billion) minutes, or approximately 434,001,418.8 (434 million) hours. that gives us 18,083,392.45 days, or about 49,544 years. they want us to believe that cro-magnons hadnt even started slapping paint on walls when this motherfucker started playing flappy bird. bull. shit.

homie so mad he slapped a bro with math to tell him why he wrong


got a racist response while applying to colleges in the uk, and the social justice in me just couldn’t not respond.

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White people



@builtfromfire just KILLED me with this snapchat. What do you think @fallontonight? 😂😂😂

Hahaha 10/10.

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